Globalists Are Already Preparing to
Blame All the Chaos on Trump.... 

....It’s Their Chance to END
America’s “Exorbitant Privilege

It’s no secret the global elites hate President Trump.

His nationalistic agenda is the exact opposite of the globalists’ hidden agenda of world government, world money and world taxation.

Trump believes in “America first,” not globalism…

He believes in immigration control, not open borders.

He said himself…

“There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United States of America that I’m representing.”

That’s why he already pulled our nation out of the globalists’ international trade deal known as TPP…

And defied global elites by pulling out of their Paris climate accord.

AMERICA in Prophecy....

Put simply, Trump is a major threat to the global elites’ agenda.

And now they have the perfect plan to stop him.

With Distributed Ledgers, I fully expect them to finally implement their plan to replace the US dollar with their own globalist currency…

And blame all the chaos on Trump.

In fact, the “fake news” mainstream media already started to lay the groundwork for blaming Trump.

The U.K. Independent newspaper published an article saying:

“The great dollar crisis… will follow the banking crisis and the Great Recession — and it will all be sparked by The Donald.”

Even The Wall Street Journal is playing the blame game.

They wrote: “Could the new president bring forward the day the dollar loses its reserve-currency status?”

The Journal actually quoted me in that specific article.

I had to explain to them that global elites are the real threat to America…

NOT Trump policies.

As you’re about to see, the global elites have been working on this plan to dethrone the dollar for years.

It just so happens now they have the perfect scapegoat to execute their plan.


Part 2

You see, many economists thought our massive government debt would trigger a dollar crisis.

But they’ve been proven wrong again, again and again.

Have you noticed that our debt has been exploding for years…

And yet, nothing has happened to the US dollar?

The reason is simple…

The US dollar remains the world’s reserve currency.

That means other nations have to hold and use the US dollar for international trade, instead of their own currencies.

This creates a virtually unlimited demand for US dollars…

And it allows us to print trillions of dollars each year to pay for wars, debt and anything we want.

Basically, it’s a license to print money and abuse the global system.

And that’s why we’ve been able to accumulate more than $19 trillion in debt without suffering any consequences.

As long as there’s no alternative to the US dollar, we can keep doing that forever.

Look, our nation had an amazing run with the US dollar as the #1 reserve currency.

Because of it, we have the world’s best technology…

The word’s most influential culture…

The world’s most powerful military…

We were able to build a true empire with seemingly unlimited control of the world.

But that’s precisely why global elites are sick of the US dollar.

How do you think the other 190+ nations feel about the fact we can print a $100 bill anytime we want…

While they actually have to pony up $100 of actual goods in order to obtain the same bill?

Global elites are sick of what has been called America’s “exorbitant privilege.”

And now they’re finally taking action to “fix” this problem.

For years, they’ve been working on a plan to replace the US dollar with their own globalist currency.

What’s different this time is… they finally have the tool they need to execute their plan.

Let me prove it to you…

The United Nations and the IMF have both CONFIRMED this plan to replace the US dollar is real.

The UN said we need “a new global reserve system… that no longer relies on the United States dollar as the single major reserve currency.”

And the IMF admitted they want to make “the special drawing right (SDR) the principal reserve asset in the [International Monetary System].”

More recently, they advanced their plan by helping private institutions, such as the UK’s Standard Chartered Bank, issue bonds in SDRs.

Although our mainstream media ignored this major event, the UK media reported:

"SDR BONDS Successfully ISSUED in CHINA..." (Reuters)

This is all happening.

I fully expect Distributed Ledgers go live mid year.

That’s why I’m saying you should get in before on March 31st, 2019…

This trend will accelerate…

And many other nations will be able to dump the US dollar for SDRs.

Look, you don’t need to be an economist to connect the dots here.

But let me sum it all up for you…

Fact #1 — The IMF issues a globalist currency called SDRs.

Fact #2 — The IMF has confirmed they want to replace the US dollar with SDRs.

Fact #3 — The IMF has confirmed Distributed Ledgers can be used for “currency substitution”… and they’ve even set up a special task force.

Why do you think they’re so interested in Distributed Ledgers?

The IMF wouldn't be looking at this technology to create a dollar payment system.

They'd be looking at it to create an SDR payment system, because that's the currency they issue.